Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are the original, functional window coverings solution. Suitable for all window types, be it sliding, sash, or awning style. Vertical Blinds are also suitable for sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and french doors. Our Vertical blinds can be recessed to fit into the architecture or can be face fitted onto the architecture. With the Vertical Blind you have more control over the level of sun light coming through your window. Close them over completley for night time privacy or adjust them to allow some natural light to come through.
Vertical Blinds are durable and reliable for both the home and office, they are designed to last and offer a great long term window covering solution.

Vertical Blind Tacking System

Aqua Blinds and Screens use a tracking that is available in in white, off-white, black, and silver. Powder coating is available for specific colours if requested. Our tracks also have the option to add a piece of matching fabric to add a  finishing touch. Our tracks are available in both cord operation and handle/wand control operation.
We can stack your fabric to the left, to the right, centre opening or centre stacking. Verticals are especially great for sliding doors and windows as the blind can be stacked away from the opening.

Vertical Blind Fabric

At Aqua Blinds and Screens we carry an extensive range of fabrics for your vertical blinds. They include full Block Out fabric (or Black Out), Semi-Block Out or Light Filtering Fabrics, and a sheer Fabric. You can choose your blade widths from  89mm width, 100mm width, or the most popular 127mm width. Each blade is weighted down so it stays straight and can be chain linked for extra stability.

Vertical Blind Fascia’s

To add the extra finishing touch to your vertical blinds, we also have Pelmet Fascia’s available to conceal the vertical blind track. You can choose from either curved or squared cornered pelmet fascia’s. You have the option of a fabric finished fascia or a simple brushed silver or white aluminium option. Powder coating is available if you have a specific colour you would like.


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