Channel Awnings

“Free” Channel Awnings

“Free” Channel Awnings are a versatile blind that offers a number of solutions to your exterior blind requirements. Available in a number of different fabrics and colours the “Fee” Channel Outdoor Awning has a purpose to suit you.  Aqua Blinds and Screens employ qualified consultants and installers  to help you resolve if your “Free” Channel Outdoor Awning is suitable to use to enclose or semi-enclose an alfresco area or whether it is appropriate for a single shading solution.

Operated between 2 “Free” Channels Awnings for maximum coverage this blind can be operated with a handle or motorised. The awning can be made to stop in a number of positions with the push pins placed on the awnings bottom rail.

“C” Channel Awnings

Spring loaded awnings with “C” Channel Awnings are ideal for low setting areas where you simply hold the awnings rail and adjust the height of your blind accordingly. The awning is set between 2 side channels to offer optimum coverage. Aqua Blinds and Screens has a large range of fabrics and colours to choose from, so you can order the right blind.

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