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Outdoor Elegance Meets Ultimate Versatility
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The Look

For those seeking optimal coverage, our Aqua Channel outdoor awnings are the perfect choice. These spring-loaded awnings, featuring the Aqua "C" Channel design, are particularly well-suited for areas with lower settings. To adjust the height of the blind, you simply manipulate the awning's rail, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Operating between two Aqua Free Channels, this blind can provide maximum coverage and can be operated either manually using a crank handle or with a motorised mechanism that can be integrated with your smart phone. Thanks to the strategically placed push pins on the awning's bottom rail, you have the flexibility to stop the awning at various positions, giving you control over the amount of shade and light you desire.

At Aqua Blinds & Screens, we have a team of certified consultants and installers who are dedicated to assisting you in determining whether the Aqua Channel Outdoor Blind is the right choice for enclosing or partially shading an alfresco area, or if it's better suited as a standalone shading solution.

The Benefits

Optimal Coverage: The Aqua Channel system is designed to provide excellent coverage, making them ideal for areas with low settings. These blinds effectively block out sunlight, heat, and glare, creating a more comfortable and cooler environment in your living spaces.

Versatility: These outdoor blinds are versatile and can be used in various locations, such as patios, decks, pergolas, and alfresco areas. They can also serve as an effective shading solution for large windows and sliding glass doors.

Ease of Operation: Aqua Channel blinds are designed for user-friendliness. They can be easily adjusted by manipulating the awning's rail, allowing you to control the height and coverage of the blinds with minimal effort.

Privacy: These blinds offer an effective solution for enhancing privacy in outdoor spaces. You can control the visibility from the outside, creating a more secluded and intimate atmosphere.