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The Look

Aqua Blinds and Screens manufacture and install an extensive range of Indoor Shutters and louvers. Choose a fresh modern colour that coordinates with your decor, or make a daring statement and create a dual purpose for your Indoor Shutters with a feature colour. All of our Aluminium Indoor Shutters can be powder coated to suit your taste in decorating.

For the more tradition Plantation Shutter look you can even select a timber look without all the maintenance that goes with timber. You can avoid the warping, peeling and work that goes with the timber shutter but still enjoy the timber look.

You can use the timber look Indoor Shutter to create a warm cosy ambience. A great interior decorating idea for the mountain homes and offices. Timber look indoor aluminium plantation shutters give off a sense of sophistication when added to a room.

The Benefits

Light Control: Shutters provide excellent control over the amount of natural light that enters a room. You can adjust the slats to let in just the right amount of sunlight, helping you create the desired ambiance.

Easy Maintenance: Shutters are relatively easy to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or dust them to keep them looking fresh.

Energy Efficiency: Shutters can provide insulation, helping to regulate the temperature inside your home. In colder months, they can keep warmth in, and in warmer months, they can block out heat, potentially reducing your energy bills.

Privacy: Shutters offer enhanced privacy compared to many other window treatments. When closed, they block the view from the outside, ensuring your privacy while still allowing for some light.

Allergen Control:Unlike some fabric window treatments, shutters do not trap dust and allergens as easily, making them a good choice for individuals with allergies.

Aesthetic Appeal: Indoor shutters are known for their timeless and elegant appearance. They can complement various interior styles, from traditional to modern, and often increase the overall aesthetic value of a room.